Hawkesbury Bikefest 2017



Hawkesbury's own Daytona Bike week, compressed into one day.

It was Goulet Harley Davidson's 3rd Bikefest, and my 2nd year going.

Thursday started with me arriving at about 3:15 pm with my bike loaded and my tent, I set up near the RV's away from the river as it will be 6 degrees overnight, one of the organizers comes by and tells me to put my tent near the river as that is where the tents go. It is a bit cooler by the water when it will be 6 degrees, like 5 degrees cooler, so 1 uhhh say nope, and I stayed where I was. Speaking to some tenter's the next day...that was a good decision.

I ran into a friend named Frank Zucarro, he had a sweet custom bike and was rear ended in Montreal and has serious injuries still, but has fought back. The Link ...

He now has another 3 wheeler, and horses, a beautiful old farm house, where I stayed in warmth and comfort, Thank You Frank.

Thursday night saw a band and some good times in the Goulet Parking lot, Friday was a great day all around, an AC DC cover band was on stage and they were quite good, and well received by the crowd of 300 or more.

Friday and Saturday saw the O.P.P Golden Helmets precision ride Motorcycle team, come by and do their demo in the street in front of Goulet, Ryan dropped his O.P.P bike but, it was his pride which took the hit, thankfully no injuries, they swapped out the bike and continued with the show. If you get the chance, take the O.P.P show in, it is worth it.

Saturday, they closed down main street and thousands upon thousands of bikers arrive, On thuis day main street Hawkesbury looks like Daytona for the day, just room for you to walk around. This guy ate at Carole's restaurant on main street, really good, it was full all day as was every business on main street, just packed with folks and others waiting to get a spot.

There are many pictures and you can see my kiosk set up on my bike. You see I ride a bike when my old body lets me, and I don't want a trailer, and to sell Vilers. I don't want to use my car, so I boondoggledd a setup which turns my bike into a kiosk, and this was the first time I tried it, it worked well.

I am looking forward to the 2018 Goulet Bikefest in Hawkesbury.

That really is a one day Daytona, especially when the sun shines and it is warm and beautiful like it was this year.

It truly is an event like no other in the area, really great for kiddies of all ages, Like they say in Daytona...”See Y'all next year”..

Stay Safe, and Cancer Free.




Comfort and durability, over 7.75 years?

7 and 3/4 years ago i bought a Mustang seat for my Virago, my southern bike...I ride 20000 plus miles per year in the south on that Mustang Saddle...The Corbin I bought at the same time is on my 1300 Yamaha Royal star up North, it gets 25000 Kilometers per year. These are minimums.

Both of the saddles have wear, although until a couple weeks ago none had failed completely, One now has, clearly in this riders opinion as a result of Quality control issues.

I am in contact with the company to see if they will do anything, as the stitched seems have failed, terribly. I have pictures of both and have been riding and documenting the saddles comfort. The Saddle which has failed was slightly more comfortable than the other.

Once I hear what they are willing to do if anything, i will post the pictures of both saddles, and a complete assessment blog. This will be posted to rags and mags, so everyone can get a truthful unbiased assessment of those manufacturers care and quality control for the products they sell to us the riders.

Stay Safe


To be Continued...



Goulet Harley / Hawkesbury BIKEFEST 2016

Labour day weekend, A great way to close out summer.

My tent, my bike and I went to Hawkesbury to participate in the 2 nd Annual Bikefest. Friday was about setting up in the park with my tent and heading over to Goulet Harley for an evening of entertainment, it was a great night, the live bands drummer used flaming drumsticks to beat on the skins, and they had a good sound, with many hits. from the right era. Don't want to say which era, aging myself and all, but the Camaro, and Mustang were king.

Saturday morning brought the O.P.P and the closing of John St, Hawkesbury's main street, and the bikes started coming, and they kept coming all day long, memories of the Leesburg bikefest, in Florida after Daytona bike week.

So much fluff, everything. was available, if it. existed it was there and you could buy it, there were a few charities, and by all accounts they did well. There were quite a few folks who did want to prevent skin cancer and got themselves a Viler.

As Saturday, and the beautiful summer sun wore on more campers, tents and bikes, and bikes, kept coming all day long.

There are a few nice roads to get to Hawkesbury, from anywhere, and they must have been a lot of Rolling Thunder on those roads on this day. Look around. the net and there will be many pictures of the. event to find.

Sunday morning was the Classic car show, another great event with many cool cars from the right era.

Overall I would give the 2nd annual Bikefest a 10 out of 10, The boys in blue were great, kept us safe, and secure, Goulet had a great event, with the town of Hawkesbury, there were a few small hickups, but then there always is, nothing worth mentioning.

Saturday night close with the Harley draw, someone won a free bike, the AC/ DC cover band was in great form and entertained a huge crowd at Confederation park, and to close it out, the fireworks were a good sight.

This morning finds me at the Tims , and checking out the car show on John st, while waiting for the cool mist to leave my tent so I can wrap it and roll home, down some scenic back roads. As anyone who rides can tell you, there are many scenic back roads to find all around Hawkesbury.

Stay Healthy